Love And Whirlwind


Prem means love and vatya means whirlwind – a whirlwind of love. It is a beautiful word and it gives the sense of the wildness of love. Love is wild, and the moment one tries to domesticate it, it is destroyed. It is a whirlwind of freedom, of wildness, of spontaneity. You cannot manage it and control it. Controlled, it is already dead. Love can be controlled only when you have already killed it. If it is alive, it controls you, not otherwise. If it is alive, it possesses you. You are simply lost in it because it is bigger than you, vaster than you, more primal than you, more foundation than you.

So remember it, because in the same way God also comes. The way that love comes to you, God also comes. God also is wild… wilder than love. A civilized god is no god at all. The god of the church, the god of the temple, is just an idol. God has disappeared from there long ago because there is no way to imprison God in a temple or in a church. Those are graveyards of God.

If you want to find God, you will have to be available to the wild energy of life. Love is the first glimpse, the beginning of the journey. God is the very climax, the culmination, but God comes as a whirlwind. It will uproot you, it will possess you. It will crush you to pieces. It will kill you and resurrect you. It has to be both – the cross and the resurrection.

To remember these things I have given you the name Prem Vatya. Allow life energy to take possession of you. When you sing, you should not sing. Let life energy sing through you. When you dance, you should not dance. It’s okay that you start, but sooner or later relax and let the life energy possess you and let it dance through you. That’s how one becomes religious. It is a surrender to life and its unknown paths.


A Rose is a Rose is a Rose