God Through Relationship


There are two types of people in the world:

one, who will find god through relationship. He will need somebody else as a mirror, and the relationship will function as a mirror – what the Jungians call the extrovert. And then there is another type who will find his mirror in himself; he has no need for any relationship. Not that he has to avoid relationship, not that he has to escape from relationship, but there is no necessity for relationship. He can close his eyes and find himself. He is what jungians call the introvert.

You are the second type. You can simply close your eyes and be in yourself; there is no need for anywhere to go. Just dropping inside your own being you will come to know all that is needed to know.

I’m not saying avoid relationship – I am never against relationship – but relationship will not be the door to self-realisation for you. Or we can say in other words: there is one type who moves through love – love needs the other – and the other type moves -through meditation. Meditation doesn’t need the other… and you are the meditative type.


Blessed Are The Ignorant