Unused Brain


A man went into a hospital to purchase a brain; because his own was not functioning well
he wanted to replace it. The surgeon took him around; there were many brains available.
He showed him the brain of a scientist, the price only a hundred rupees; the brain of a
great, famous, well-known mathematician, and the price only two hundred rupees; and
the brain of a great general, and the price only three hundred rupees — so on and so forth.
And then he came to the brain of a great political leader, and the price- was ten thousand

The customer was a little puzzled. He said, “What do you mean? Do you mean that the
politician has a greater brain than a great, Nobel prize-winning scientist?”

The surgeon said, “Please don’t misunderstand us. It is not that the politician has a greater
brain than the scientist or the general or the mathematician or the poet, but this is a brain
which has never been used. It is brand new, hence the price!”

Whatsoever is not used and denied in you remains very vital. Hence a woman enraged is
far more dangerous than a man; and if you have been in relationship with a woman you
know it perfectly well — she can drive you crazy! because that is the denied part, the
unused part. When it is used it has vitality, newness. And when a man is tender, loving,
he is more tender and loving than a woman. He can be more womanly because that is his
denied part.


Be Still And Know