Pleasure Of Life


A Sannyasin says: I notice I always want things I can’t get and then I get very miserable if I don’t get them. If I get them, I lose interest.

It is part of your work upon yourself.

In fact the day a person decides not to ask for things he likes but starts to like things which happen, that day a man becomes mature.

One can go on wanting what one likes.

That will make you always miserable, because in the first place it is never going to happen.

The world is not running according to your likes and dislikes. It has no guarantee that what you want, the whole is also wanting; there is no guarantee.

There is every possibility that the whole is destined towards something else that you don’t know anything about at all.

There is no possibility of its ever being fulfilled, so frustration and misery will be its outcome.

And if by chance sometimes it happens that you fall in the rhythm with the whole, and by accident you like the same thing which was going to happen on its own, and it coincides – which is very rare – then too it is not your desire being fulfilled.

No, it is simply because by some accident you liked the same thing which was already going to happen; whether you liked it or not was irrelevant.

When sometimes it does happen, then too you will not feel very happy, because whatsoever we demand, we have already lived through fantasy, so it is already second hand.

If you say that you would like a certain man to be your lover, then in many dreams and in many fantasies you have already loved that man.

And if it happens, then the real man is going to fall short of your fantasy and he is going to be just a carbon copy because reality is never as fantastic as fantasy.

Then you will be frustrated.

So a person who goes on asking for his own desires to be fulfilled is going to be frustrated.

Either the desire is going to be fulfilled or not. Misery will be the outcome.

If you start liking that which is happening, if you don’t put your own will against the whole, if you simply say okay, whatsoever happens you simply say ’Yes’, then you can never be miserable, because whatsoever happens, you are always in a positive attitude ready to receive it and enjoy it.

If it goes just according to your nature, very good. If it sometimes goes against your nature, you take it as part of growth.

If it is pleasure, good.

If it is pain you accept it as a price to be paid for all the pleasures that are available in the world, the cost to be paid.

If it is pain, a positive, yes-saying person accepts it as a growth pain and is happy about it because through it, growth will happen.

If pleasure happens he accepts it as a gift of God.

You cannot make him miserable.


A Rose is a Rose is a Rose