Unselfish Love and Devotion


I remember a story. It happened in Mecca. A barber was giving someone a haircut. Just then the Sufi fakir, Junnaid, came in and said, ”Can you cut my hair in the name of Allah?” Just hearing Allah’s name, the barber said to his regular customer, ”Friend, please just wait a little, I cannot cut your hair right now. I have to attend to that fakir for allah. Allah’s work comes first.” After this he cut Junnaid’s hair with great love and devotion, then respectfully bade him farewell.

A few days later when someone had given Junnaid money, he went to give some to the barber. But the barber wouldn’t take any money, saying, ”Have you no shame? You had said to cut your hair in the name of Allah, not for money!”

And his whole life Junnaid used to say to his disciples, ”It was from a barber that I learned unselfish love and devotion.”

Even in the lowest, vast messages are hidden. One who knows how to uncover them, becomes wise. Move with awareness in life and every experience brings intelligence. One who remains unconscious, returns even the light that comes to his door.