Silence – The Beginning And The End


I had one doctor friend who was perhaps the most famous doctor in those parts. I told him, ”I would like to experience something for which there is no reason. You can help me. I want to go slowly and deeply into the unconscious.”

He said, ”This is against medical practice. You don’t have any reason, and I cannot use something without reason and make you unconscious.”

But I persuaded him. I said, ”Find any reason, and I am not going to tell anybody. Although, I have told it to the whole world.”

He put me on his table, sent all the servants and nurses away because he was doing something against the medical code. While he was covering my head so that I could not breathe anything else, he said to me, ”Do one thing. While you are going into the unconscious, go on saying one, two, three, four, five… as long as you can.”

Strangely, I could not go beyond three. I tried hard. I was aware of the fact that I had only come up to three, and the four would not come. Later on I told him, ”This was my reason to be put into the unconscious state. I wanted to see why every scripture stops at three.”

I asked him to tell me how I was saying one, two, three. He said, ”One was clear, two was not so clear, three was almost a whisper, and beyond that you never uttered anything.”

This was my way through a scientific experiment to see why all the scriptures stop with three. They begin with the same and they end with the same.

The beginning we cannot know: we are already here; the beginning has happened. But the end we can know – the disappearance into absolute silence. But if we know the end, we can conclude with absolute certainty that this is how the beginning must have started: from silence, not from words.

Silence is the beginning and silence is the end, and if you are a meditator, silence is the middle.

Silence is the whole fabric of existence.

Om Shantih Shantih Shantih