The fragrance of a flower


IF you have a good nose, then be near a flower, let the smell fill you. Then by and by move away from the flower very slowly but continue being attentive to the smell, the fragrance. As you move away the fragrance will become more and more subtle and you will need more awareness to feel it. Become the nose. Forget about the whole body and bring all the energy to the nose as if only the nose exists. If you lose track of the smell, go a few steps further ahead, again catch hold of the smell, then move back, move backwards.

By and by you will be able to smell a flower from a very very great distance. Nobody else will be able to smell that flower from there. Then go on moving in a very subtle way, you are making the object subtle, and then a moment will come when you will not be able to smell the smell. Now smell the absence of where the fragrance was just a moment before. It is no longer there.

That is the other part of its being – the absent part, the dark part. If you can smell the absence of the smell, if you can feel that it makes a difference, it makes a difference. Then the object has become very subtle. Now it is reaching near to the no-thought state of samadhi.

The Orange Book