Mind To The Heart


Do you know when you fall in love with a woman or a man? Have you any answer why? Can you answer it?

It simply happens. It simply happens out of the blue. You come across a strange woman and suddenly something has clicked. You can’t answer, she can’t answer. Suddenly you find yourself moving in a direction together. Suddenly you find you are on the same wavelength, you fit. And as suddenly it happens that it can disappear also. It is a mystery.

You may live with a woman for twenty years, in deep love and with all the joys of love, and then one day that climate is no more there, that vibe is no more there.

You are there, the woman is there, and it is not that you have not loved each other – you have loved for twenty years – But suddenly, as it came out of nothing, it disappears into nothing. It is not there. Now you can pretend –that’s what husbands and wives go on doing. You can pretend. You can pretend that still the love is there but now life will become a drag.

The joy is no more there.

Love cannot be pretended and love cannot be managed. There is no way to manage love;

It is BIGGER than you. It comes from the same source as birth and death. From where they come, love comes.

These three things – BIRTH, LOVE and DEATH –come from the unknown. They suddenly enter you like a breeze and they suddenly disappear. You cannot solve these problems but you can transcend them. And the way to transcend is to accept that they are there. And don’t think that they are problems, they are mysteries.

Once you start feeling that they are mysteries suddenly you are en rapport with life –and there is celebration, there is trust. This is possible only if mind is not allowed to play games.

The heart is the center where love happens, birth happens, death happens. When death happens it is the heart that stops. When love happens it is the heart that dances. When birth happens it is the heart that starts beating. All that is real happens in the heart. And all that is unreal happens in the mind.

The mind is the faculty for the unreal, for the fictitious, for the games.

So the only transformation that is needed by Sufism is how to shift your energy from the MIND to the HEART.

Sufis : The People of the Path, Vol 1