Loneliness Vs. Aloneness


There are two sorts of aloneness;

one is loneliness, another is aloneness. If you have not loved and you move into solitariness, it will be loneliness. You will feel a deep hunger for the other. It will not a aloneness. The other will be there as absence. You will continuously feel the absence of the other, you will hanker.

May be that’s why people who have not loved will start talking to God, to an imaginary phenomenon – to feel their loneliness, to be occupied with someone. It is fantasy, it is a dream. One has to go beyond all dreaming.

One has to go to the point when the other is not needed. I am not saying that then one will not love. In fact that type of person can. But then he loves out of abundance. Then it is not a need. On the contrary he is so full, flooded, that be would like to share. Then he is in search of people who would like to unburden him, who will help him unburden his heart.

The greatest lover is one whose need for love has, disappeared.