Life is much a Misery


One seeker from Holland was here, and he was doing a particular technique three hundred times every day. So he told me, ‘For two years I have been doing this technique three hundred times every day. Not a single day has been missed. I have left everything, because I have to do this three hundred times every day – and nothing has happened.’ And he was just on the verge of a nervous breakdown, because of the technique.

So I said, ‘The first thing is to leave this. Do anything whatsoever, but don’t do this. You will go mad.’ He was deadly serious about it. It was a life-and-death problem for him. It had to be achieved. And he said, ‘Who knows how many days are left? Time is short, and I must achieve it in this life.

I don’t want to be born again. Life is much a misery.’ He will be born again and again. The way he is doing, he will go more and more mad. But it is wrong – the whole attitude is wrong. Take meditation as a play, a fun, enjoy it, and then the very quality changes. Then it is not something you are doing as a cause to gain some effect. No, you are enjoying it here and now. It is the cause and it is the effect, both.

It is the beginning and it is the end. And then you cannot miss meditation. You cannot miss it, it will happen to you, because now you are ready to take it in. You are open. No one has said that meditation should be taken as a fun, but I say it. Make it a play. Just like small children, play with it.


Vigyan Bhairav Tantra Volume 2