Knowledge And Truth


The old man of Zen, Dr D. T. Suzuki, was asked by a student at a lecture once: ’When you use the word REALITY are you referring to the relative reality of the physical world, or to the Absolute Reality of the spiritual world?’ Saying nothing, Suzuki closed his eyes. (’Doing a Suzuki’ the students called it, for at such times it could not be known whether he was profoundly meditating or jut fallen asleep.) After a full minute that seemed very much longer, Suzuki opened his eyes and said ’Yes’.

This is the way of a wise man. Questions don’t mean much, this way or that. Answers don’t mean much, this way or that. Life has to be lived without questions and without answers, only then do you live in its authenticity. So go to life – that is the only temple where God can be found. And with no questions and with no answers, just go silently, innocently. IGNORANTLY. Just go there and let life take possession of you.

Don’t try to possess life – that’s what the ego goes on doing. Don’t try to grab it, allow yourself to be possessed by it. Be overwhelmed by it, be flooded by it, and you will know. And you will know so deeply that you will never be able to say ’I know.’ You will know so intimately that you will not be able to reduce it to knowledge.

Only superficial things can be reduced to knowledge. The profounder a truth, the harder it is to reduce it to knowledge. The knowledge seems so pale, and truth is so alive. Knowledge is bloodless, heartless. And truth is the beating of the heart and the circulation of the blood and the breathing of the air, and love, and dance.

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