Jesus’ statement, “Seek and you shall find.” (Zen master) Seigen will say, “Seek and you shall never find.”

The seeker has already gone away from himself; in search of himself he has left himself far behind. Jesus says, “Ask and you will be answered.” Who is there to answer? It is your own mind game. One part of the mind raises the question, another part of the mind supplies the answer. Otherwise this whole universe is utterly silent.

All prayers are in vain. And they don’t show your religiousness, they simply show your IQ — your intelligence quotient. They show that you are still a child, that you still want someone else to take the responsibility. There is nobody in the sky to take the responsibility. For Jesus there is a God, but for Seigen and any Zen master there is no God to answer. You are the answer — just don’t ask! Be silent! Don’t ask! And there is the answer.

Jesus says, “Knock, and the door shall be opened unto you.” The very language indicates that the door is somewhere outside you — you have to knock. But the reality is, you have to go in. There is no question of knocking. Stop all knocking on the doors outside you!

Just relax into your center and you have found it. And you will be surprised that you were searching for something which has always been there inside you.

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