Two Jews meet on a train. One asks the other if he has the time.

No answer.

Again he asks. Again, no answer.

Eventually, he taps him hard on the knee and almost shouts his question, and the other at last tells him the time.

“And why did it take you so long, if I may ask?”

“Well, it is like this. We will get talking. We will become friendly. When we get to Vienna, I will ask you to come home with me to have a bite to eat and you will meet my daughter. She is beautiful and you are a nice-looking chap and you will fall in love and you will want to get married and quite frankly, I don’t want a son-in-law who has not got a watch.”

Such long range thinking! But everybody’s mind is doing such things. Beware: imagination is not going to help. However beautiful it is, it is just a soap bubble.

Deva Parigyan, meditate more. First get in touch with your own being, then only you have the right to say hello to the trees. Then only you know the language of how to talk with the mountains and the clouds and the stars and the rivers. Because their language is silence, and unless you know that language, how can you talk with them?

And in silence, there is no talking involved but still a dialogue happens, a deep understanding without words, a transfer of energy without language. Trees will not say anything and you will not hear anything but between you and the being of the tree, there will be a transfer of energy — not of language. And only then you will know that you have to love if you want love to be showered on you.

Yes, mountains can love, rivers can love, trees can love, clouds can love. But before they love you, you have to learn how to love — how to love this whole existence, how to respect life, how to have a reverence for all that is.

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