An insomniac boxer went to the doctor for some medical help. The ex-pugilist had tried mild sedation, but it didn’t seem to work. The doctor, hesitating to prescribe a more addictive kind, said, ”Look, before I prescribe this heavier injection I want you to try the old-fashioned remedy. You may laugh, but it actually works. Try getting yourself completely relaxed and then start counting to a hundred. ”

A few days later, the old fighter came back and said, ”Doctor, I can’t do it. Every time I start counting, I jump up at the count of nine. ” The whole training in the army is to destroy your consciousness, is to make you an automatic machine. Then you can go and kill. Otherwise, if you are still carrying a little bit of intelligence, you will see the other person that you are killing is innocent; he has not done anything to you or to anybody. And he must have a wife at home who is waiting for him to come back; and he may have small children, and they will become beggars; and he may have an old mother or an old father, they may go mad. ”And why am I killing this man? Because the officer says,’Start killing. Fire!’ ”

An intelligent person will not be able to fire. An intelligent person may choose to die himself rather than to kill innocent people. Because some foolish politician wants to get involved in a war, because some politician wants to have more power, because of some stupid statements of the politicians, the war has started. He will not kill.

This I call education: to make people more intelligent. And that’s what I am doing here. If this fire spreads, then this old, rotten society cannot survive. It survives on your unconsciousness, it lives on your unconsciousness.

So it is natural, Parmar, that the government will not recognize this place as a place of education. For them, it is one of the most dangerous places.

But as far as I am concerned, this is education. tamaso ma jyotirgamaya – Lord, lead me from darkness to light.

The Secret