Difference Between A Master And A Psychotherapist?


What is the difference between a Master and a Psychotherapist?

A MASTER IS NOT: A PSYCHOTHERAPIST IS. The Master is a hollow bamboo, a mere passage, for the divine to descend. He is not on his own. He has nothing to say, he has nothing to do – but much happens through him. But it is always through him. He is not the doer of it. He is just a watcher. He allows it, he does not hinder it. He cooperates with it, but he is not the originator of it. He is just a vehicle.

The psychotherapist IS. He is a doer, knowledgeable. He has all the expertise available. He is not a hollow bamboo. He is not an absence. Hence much cannot happen through him. He can only do a patchwork: here and there a little polishing, a little white-wash, a little adjustment – that’s all. His work is trivial. Man’s work is bound to remain trivial. Only God is great. And only that which comes from God is vast.

The Perfect Master Volume 2

There is no Self, no Other