Criminals With Osho

Question: What kind of people were in Jail with you?
Answer: They were very beautiful people. Better than the bureaucracy, better than the politicians. And I was really surprised that the criminals are far better than the people who think they are maintaining justice.
They were more human, more loving. They took care of me in every way. Whatever they could bring: soap, toothpaste, or a toothbrush… and they will say that it is absolutely new, we have not touched it, we have not used it. And I will ask the authority’s for the same things, I will ask and after twenty-four hours, toothpaste will appear, then there will be no toothbrush. And I will ask them, that “What kind of stupidity is this? What I will do with this toothpaste? Where is the brush?” Then again twenty-four hours I have to wait for the brush to appear.
I will ask for vegetarian food — it is not available. I will ask for fruits — they are not available. And the inmates in the jail will bring fruits for me and they will say, “They are available for us, but for you they are not available. So we can give you our share because we can eat everything else, you cannot eat anything else.” And I saw a very human, loving heart in the prisoners. One thing more I was surprised to know. They took me in five jails in twelve days. I could not come across a single white prisoner, all were black.