A Musician Story


The great maestro, Toscanini, was as well-known for his ferocious temper as for his outstanding musicianship. When members of his orchestra played badly, he would pick up anything in sight and hurl it to the floor. During one rehearsal a flat note caused the genius to grab his valuable watch and smash it beyond repair.

Shortly afterwards, he received from his devoted musicians a luxurious, velvet lined box containing two watches – one a beautiful gold timepiece, the other a cheap one on which was inscribed: For rehearsals only.

So keep that in mind. When you are moving in the world, moving with people, there is no need to carry your cross. There is no need to go on shouting loudly that you are a martyr or a Jesus or a Mansoor, there is no need. Follow the rules of the game. It is just a game.

But remember always that the game should not become your whole life. That’s all I would like my sannyasins to remember. That’s why I don’t take you out of society. Never has it been done before. For a single reason it has never been done before – the reason was that Buddha would not allow his sannyasins to live in the world. The problem was that if the sannyasin was to be true, it would be difficult to live in the world – because with people you have to be polite, formal, many times. In life you cannot continuously remember that you have to be true; people are so false. Just out of compassion, out of politeness, sometimes you may have to keep yourself quiet, not to say a word – because if you say something it is going to hurt people unnecessarily. Or sometimes you will have to do something which is not true. You can’t be absolutely yourself when you are living with so many people. So Buddha said to his sannyasins, ’Leave the world. Sacrifice your relationships to be true.’ Others who decided to live in the world sacrificed their truth to live in relationship.


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