Wealth, Success and Love


Once three old man came to a house and told the house lady that they are hungry. The House lady asked them to come inside the house and eat the food.

They refused saying “we three have an agreement between us. Only one of us can go inside the house”. The woman was surprised to hear their reply and asked about the reason. They replied “We three are wealth, success and love. You can invite anyone among us”.

The woman asked them to wait as she wanted to consult her husband. Woman went inside the house and consulted his husband. They decided to invite the Love as Love can fill their house.

So the Woman went outside and asked love to come inside the house. The old man who was love got up and walked towards the house.

Other two old men also got up and started following love. Surprised, the woman asked “I only invited Love, why both of you are coming now.”

The old men replied together “if you would have invited wealth or success, other two would have stayed outside. But wherever love goes, we also go with him.”

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