Why God Speak To Krishna Not To Arjuna

Why God Speak To Krishna And Not To Arjuna
Why God Speak To Krishna And Not To Arjuna

I would like to tell you…. Mahatma Gandhi has been praised all over the world. Perhaps I am the only person who can see his retardedness: he was preaching nonviolence his whole life and at the same time he was worshiping the SHRIMAD BHAGAVADGITA, the Hindu bible, which is the only book in the world which teaches violence. And I cannot conceive that he could not see the contradiction.

Krishna, in the BHAGAVADGITA, says continually to Arjuna, ”It is God’s will that you should go to war and destroy your enemies.” But because it was a family quarrel – they were cousin-brothers fighting with each other, Arjuna and Duryodhana – it was a very strange kind of fight. On each side they had their relatives. It was one family – even the grandfather had to choose which side to be on; even their master, who had taught both of them the art of archery, had to choose.

Bhishma is known as one of the great men in India, because he remained celibate his whole life. And Dronacharya, the master archer, had loved Arjuna, because he had the capacity to become a master archer in his own right. But still, both of them, the wise Bhishma, and the great archer Dronacharya chose to be against Arjuna and his brothers, because they were only five brothers, and the other party consisted of one hundred brothers. Dronacharya and Bhishma’s choice to be on the other side shows not wisdom but only a business mind. Seeing that the one hundred brothers had more strength… and it is always good to be with the strong.

Almost the whole country was divided into two parts. And there were friends on that side, there were friends on this side. Even Krishna was in a difficulty – he was the spiritual guide of the whole family. So he found a way and gave the choice to both Arjuna and Duryodhana: ”One can have me and the other can have my armies. You can choose.” Naturally Duryodhana chose his big army, and Arjuna chose Krishna himself to be his charioteer.

The day of fight had come. Both the parties, millions of people, had gathered on the war field, facing each other. A strange kind of fight – they were all related in some way or other to each other. Seeing the whole thing, Arjuna said, ”I don’t feel this victory is worth anything. Killing my own people… because on the other side are also my own people – my grandfather, my teacher, my friends, my relatives – and on my side also are my friends. Both will be killed.

”And even if I become victorious, upon millions of corpses, sitting on a golden throne, I will not be happy. These are the people I have loved, these are the people I have lived for. And just for the kingdom and the golden throne…? I am feeling very sad, and seeing the truth with my own eyes, I want to renounce the world and become a sannyasin and go to the Himalayas. Let my cousin brothers rule – at least nobody will be harmed.

”How can I kill my own master, who is on the other side? How can I kill my own grandfather, who is on the other side?” And Krishna went on and on to convince him, ”A warrior’s religion is to fight. You are becoming weak, you are becoming soft. A warrior need not have any heart.” But no argument could convince Arjuna. Finally, as the last resort, Krishna said, ”It is God’s will that you should participate in the war.” If I were in the place of Arjuna, I would not have wasted that much time – because why should God speak to Krishna and not to Arjuna – ”If it is His will, He should speak to me directly. I’m feeling that it is absolutely ridiculous and I’m going to take sannyas and move to the mountains to meditate.”

But we have always accepted the mediators: God speaks through the pope, God speaks through Jesus Christ, God speaks through Krishna. He has a certain kind of postal system; He never speaks directly.

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